Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (b. 1975) is an artist and multi instrumentalist that works with voice in the realm of spontaneous music often under the moniker of Lichens. Most recently, creating patch pieces with modular synthesizer and singing to them has been a focus of live performance and recordings.

Quality of sound through the marriage of synthesis coupled with voice has allowed for a heightened physicality in the way of ecstatic music, both in a live setting and recorded. The sensitivity of analogue modular systems echoes the organic nature of vocal expression which in this case is meant to put forth a trancelike state. To usher in Deep Listening through sound and feeling. Losing one's self in sound while being acutely self aware.

By way of a recent meeting and collaboration with artist Patrick Smith, Robert has begun to utilize projections with live performances. The current video piece is called "Clouds" which is a vector driven animation made by Patrick Smith.

Through collaboration Robert has worked with Ben Russell, Ben Rivers, Rose Lazar, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Tarek Atoui, Ben Vida, Mark Borthwick, Lucky Dragons, Alan Licht, Michael Zerang, Doug Aitken, Patrick Smith, Monica Baptista, Lee Ranaldo, White/Light, Kevin Martin, Chris Johanson, Tyondai Braxton, David Scott Stone, Genesis P-Orridge and Rose Kallal, as well as many others.

Performances/Collaborations of note:

  • Le Printemps de Septembre à Toulouse White/Lichens collaboration (2008)
  • Doug Aitken's Migration happening 303 gallery NYC (2008)/ Princeton University (2010)
  • All Tomorrow's Parties fetival Minehead, UK (2008)
  • Get Weird: New Museum performance NYC (2008)
  • Les Soirées Nomades: Fondation Cartier performance Paris, France (2009)
  • Vaugely Paperly exhibition Kavi Gupta gallery (performance coordinator) Chicago (2009)
  • Doug Aitken's Frontier happening Roma, IT (2009)
  • 40 Drummers (for Loomstate) NYC (2010)
  • Supersonic Festival performance/cinema curator Birmingham, UK (2010)
  • Certain Distinctions (sound and dance) for PS1 NYC (2010)
  • Primavera Sound festival Barcelona, ES (2011)
  • Irtijal coordinated ensemble performance Beirut, Lebanon (2011)
  • "Visiting Tarab" commission for Performa 11 NYC (2011)
  • CPH:DOX film festival performance Copenhagen, DK (2011)
  • Mono No Aware V exhibition performance NYC (2011)
  • "Re-visiting Tarab" commission for Sharjah Art Foundation Sharjah, UAE (2012)
  • "A Spell to Ward off the Darkness" film in progress Finland/Norway/Estonia (2011 - present)

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Selected Press

Lichens... debuted at the Million Tongues festival last summer. Lowe's finger picked acoustic guitar sounded like he's spent time pondering Fahey's legacy, but his looped, wordless vocals were reminiscent of Meredith Monk.

-- Bill Meyer, Chicago Reader

The best part of Lichens are the vocals, Lowe has a pretty deep voice and the resulting loops are like a cross between Frippertronics and Demetrio Stratos's solo albums.

-- Waste

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