The Skull Defekts

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  • Gothenburg & Stockholm, Sweden

Artist Biography

The Skull Defekts archaic rock and no-roll machine and electronic bronze age drones leave few stones unturned.

Boasting one of the most remarkable and extensive of pedigrees; Union Carbide Productions, Cortex, Alvars Orkester, Kid Commando, 8 Days of Nothing, The Je Ne Sais Quoi, Anti-Cimex, Flesh Quartet and Lucky People Center... not to mention countless solo projects. These players are no strangers to music, whatever art and form, and those named above are even considered legendary and cult.

"Powerthrilling", "Mind-manipulating", "Stunning" and "Life-changing"... the superlatives just keep hurling at them. Their modern take on ancient grooves, punishing guitars, assembly-line-like stomp and twisted electric sounds leaves you humbled, subdued, jaws to the floor wanting more.

This is the sound of neanderthal synth mumbling, buzzsaw-riffing, psych-disco and eerie feedback chants, as sexually tense as a jean zipper, ripping at the seams, ready to rupture. Incorporating both gut and panache in a world full of stiffs, everyone in their surroundings will take to the floor, wobbly, swaying, soaking in sweat, pig-eyed. Minimal vs. extravagant swagger, although what forms from it is as colourful and limitless as when you google "LIFE".

The Skull Defekts are virtuous, righteous and fashionable - even legendary in their own right. This is true music for adult situations. Now turn the key and embrace the future!

Selected Press

Then be sure to scour the shelves for The Temple by Swedish quartet The Skull Defekts, a kind of neurotically heavy post-everything rage through rhythm, chant and power dynamics. No Wave drums shag Post-Punk bass guitars, as clunky stentorian guitar stabs and off kilter vocals direct the proceedings. The huge percussion workout of 'Six Sixes' evokes memories of Choukoku No Niwa's 1999 half-hour marathon 'Fukorou', whilst the analogue synths, FX and massed drums of 'Unholy Drums for Psychedelic Africa' sound like 1930's Abyssinian herdsmen frantically conjuring up a Storm God as Il Duce's trimotor bombers circle overhead pumping out mustard gas. In truth, The Skull Defekts display an admirable commitment to the notion that ultimate sonic monotony can allow listeners to bypass entertainment altogether and dive spread-eagled & headlong into the Underworld. Released on the excellent Massachusetts label Important Records, this is a massive declaration by a highly confident band.

Julian Cope, Head Heritage

Sexy Ritual Rock.


'Knives, birds, stones & pyramids' is the opening salutation of The Temple and it lays out everything you need to know: this is pure cult ritual set to a pounding beat and illustrated with cryptic symbols and pagan imagery. Sex and violence, man and beast&emdash;it all comes together.

It's a Trap

Think Black Dice, Animal Collective, Gang Gang Dance, that sort of groovy druggy rhythmic trancemusic, but a bit more fucked up and freaked out. Plus in the liner notes someone gets credit for 'shoe styling'... wow!

Aquarius Records