Phantom Orchard

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  • New York, NY

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Friends and colleagues since 1988, Ikue Mori and Zeena Parkins are two of the strongest musical voices out of the downtown scene. Lynchpins of bands as diverse as DNA, Skeleton Crew, Electric Masada, Hemophiliac and Björk, their duo project Phantom Orchard is the perfect outlet for their unique and personal musical languages and their rapport is evident in each and every track. Mystery, lyricism and electronic soundscapes from this most dynamic of all dynamic duos.

Selected Press

Tension abounds, and a strange beauty too... This is experimental music, yet focused on the emotional expressiveness of music, regardless of the form it takes, not with the experiment itself as a goal, and some of the pieces are of wonderful beauty, sweet and dark and the same time.

Stef Gijssels, Free Jazz
Phantom Orchard consistently constructs zones in which both sonic identities and formal outlines are in creative flux.

Stuart Broomer, All About Jazz
Innovative material, beautiful and dangerous. 

Flex Europa