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  • Northland, New Zealand

Artist Biography

There is an idea of New Zealand pop music that isn't pop music at all: Pin Group, Alastair Galbraith, Peter Jeffries and Antony Milton. Now, enters Stefan Neville, aka Pumice, and the most broken down, lo-fi approach to pop yet! One man band compositions and variations for small silver guitar, intercoms, endless cassette, chord organ, spring reverb, buzzbox, drums and voice. The struggle between sinking and swimming, swallowing water and going to the toilet either way since 1991.

Selected Press

The new Stefan Neville album just arrived & is burning a hole through my life with its beautiful ragged, spacious static anthems. Music is Pumice's raft, & he's barely holding on. Electric & acoustic guitar, chord organ, fuzz box vocals & a tape machine: this is the white soul music.... represents the best in murky New Zealand-ish downer hymns. Inspiring.

Glenn Donaldson, Jewelled Antler Tribe, on Routes for War and Travel list