the USA Is A Monster

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  • Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY

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the USAISAMONSTER is a brilliantly fried two-piece guitar and drums band of sun spotters hailing from Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY. The band has roved the planet with instruments strapped to their backs playing the tops of mountains, skin-melting deserts, and rusted out America. The band has trekked across Europe, America (too many times to count), and Mexico.

The sound of the record is a synapse firing melt of rock and other-wordly whisper. The rock goes from balls out to a gentle, massaging hand reaching into your cortex. Think astral plane hitchhikers like Meat Puppets and Sabbath in the same mental fart as Load Records two piece terrorists. The fidelity of this record is total.

Selected Press

The USA is a Monster's message is one of the fall of society, but these two are far from pessimists, and with drums, a guitar, and a synthesizer, Hohmann and Langenus preach their scripture one twisted hook at a time. There's a simplicity in the duo's music that shouldn't be ignored, for, at its core, Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age engages the listener in the spirit of vintage folk music, albeit in a far more fluorescent manner.

Adam Strohm, Fake Jazz